10 Top Tips For Your Wedding Vows

15 Sep 10 Top Tips For Your Wedding Vows

10 Top Tips For Your Wedding Vows

Once you have booked your ceremony with us, you’ll soon be at the stage of thinking about your vows. We have put together a list of the things we believe are most important when it comes to the writing of these and also the delivery of them.

1. Think about your audience. Remember your Grandparents may be there as you say your vows!
2. If you’re stuck for inspiration, have a look at poems or song lyrics and adapt them to suit you and your partner.
3. Don’t ad lib on the day – you do need to have thought carefully about your vows and prepared them before the ceremony.
4. Keep your vows to 3-4 sentences – you may find it difficult to read out or repeat longer vows during the ceremony.
5. Remember how important your vows are – a little humour is a nice touch but don’t overdo it.
6. Try and look at each other as you say your vows.
7. Take your time – if you get emotional – take some deep breaths.
8. Don’t put yourself under pressure to memorise your vows, either ask your Celebrant to read them in 3-4 word phrasing for you to repeat or have them written down.
9. If you are going to read your vows, make sure they are in larger than usual font, and laid out so that you can read them easily. Print your vows on card so that if your hand is shaking you can still read them!
10. Be true to yourself – don’t use convoluted sentences – simple but heartfelt is the key.

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