Matt & Melissa’s Unique Farm Wedding

17 Aug Matt & Melissa’s Unique Farm Wedding

Matt & Melissa’s Unique Farm Wedding

Our journey with Matt and Melissa first began with a site visit at their chosen venue. Matt and Melissa had chosen to book Tipi hats for their wedding and Sam the owner of Wild Tipi suggested that they meet with us to consider planning their celebrant ceremony.

Melissa and Matt first met through the re-enactment society and were involved with the celebrations of the battle of Waterloo. They are both horse lovers and were very keen to involve horses in their ceremony, one way or another. We were delighted to make this a reality for them and crafted a bespoke ceremony which took this into account.

The day of the wedding came, and we entered into the equestrian spirit in the best way we could by wearing tweed jackets and our best leather boots! It was a grey and misty day but this didn’t dampen spirits and the ceremony went ahead with the guests well wrapped up, seated on hay bales with sheepskin rugs, with the Tipis looking very inviting in the field.

Matt & Melissa's Unique Farm Wedding - Cornish Celebrants - Ross Talling Photography

An impressive entrance ensued as Matt rode in to the ceremony on his horse, Thomas, who also acted as best man and ring bearer, followed by 2 groomsmen and then Melissa, with her son and daughter. All of the bridal party were dressed in period costume and looked incredible.

Once in front of us, Matt and Melissa both dismounted from their horses and “tied the knot” using lead reins.  Melissa’s son and daughter gave their readings whilst on horseback.

Matt & Melissa's Unique Farm Wedding - Cornish Celebrants - Ross Talling Photography

After the ceremony, the entire bridal party left down the aisle and impressively cantered off across the field.  They then returned for photographs which made the most of the spectacular views of Veryan Bay. We organised a confetti shot for the couple after the photographs and this was followed by a rather fabulous jousting contest to entertain the guests. It was a truly wonderful day!

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The day was captured on camera by Ross Talling

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