Why Use A Celebrant?

12 Dec Why Use A Celebrant?

Why Celebrant led weddings?

After an amazing summer celebrating the love our couples share, we thought it was time to revisit this subject for our blog.
When you first mention the words “we are getting married” to friends and family, after the congratulations comes the talk of venues, dresses, cake, DJ’s music. Very few will ask about the type of ceremony you will choose, that life changing, heart stopping moment when you say your vows to each other. Surely this should be at the centre of your special day?

Why Use A Celebrant - Cornish Celebrants - Ben Selway Photography
There are options – most people know about the church and the Register office, but even now not everyone is sure that there is another way to celebrate your love in a special and unique way. That option is to use a Celebrant.
So why is the Celebrant option not so well known? Four years ago when we first set up our business after working for the local Registration service, we faced an uphill effort to explain the concept. Happily we now find that lots of people have either attended or have heard about Celebrant weddings. The word is getting out there, so if you want a ceremony as individual as you are, one in which you can be immersed in nature, on a beach, or at home in your garden, one which includes handfasting, a tying the knot ritual, or a sand ceremony (or any other rituals which speak to your heart), then a Celebrant led ceremony is for you. As independent celebrants we also allow religious references and texts to be used and incorporated in the ceremony – our aim is to make your ceremony joyful, meaningful and heart stopping – shouldn’t that be your aim too?

Why Use A Celebrants - Cornish Celebrants - Arianna Fenton Photography
Worried that your family and friends will think it isn’t the “real thing”? We heard this wonderful way of explaining it. Think of it this way, when you sign at the solicitors to buy your house – that’s the legal side of it, but when you step over the threshold of your new house – that’s your home, that’s where your heart tells you that “this is where I will live and thrive”. A marriage is that legal aspect of your union, but the wedding celebration is where it comes to life in a romantic, thrilling and life changing ceremony.
We are delighted that so many of our couples leave amazing reviews of our service, and we have just won, for the second year in a row The Wedding Industry Celebrant of the Year award for the South West Region, 2019.

So if you want a ceremony at the heart of your day, do get in touch. Email : [email protected] or call us on Nicola: 07716992526 & Denise: 07967533359

Images provided by Alexa Poppe Photography, Ben Selway Photography and Arianna Fenton Photography