Joyce & Ed’s Celtic Handfasting

08 May Joyce & Ed’s Celtic Handfasting

Joyce & Ed’s Celtic Handfasting at BoHo Cornwall

We recently conducted a Celtic Handfasting for Irish couple Joyce & Ed, who found out about us via their beautiful elopement venue – BoHo Cornwall.

Joyce and Ed have 2 children and decided to elope after 17 years together. They came to Cornwall from Eire for their handfasting as they didn’t want a huge fuss, so an elopement seemed like the perfect option. As the couple live in Eire, they had to secretly have their legal ceremony there as there can be a long process to get married in England. Fittingly the ceremony took place on St Patrick’s Day!

Joyce and Ed Celtic Handfasting at BOHO Cornwall

During the ceremony, Ed & Joyce were reminded of their magical and romantic proposal in which Ed took Joyce on a very early morning mystery trip to Old Bawn Beach in July 2010. A candle lit path led Joyce to a breakfast picnic and as the sun rose, Ed proposed. This was an incredibly emotional part of the ceremony, leaving us all with lumps in our throats as we watched their reactions to their story unfolding again during the handfasting.

Joyce and Ed's Celtic Handfasting BOHO Cornwall

It was a delight to see the sheer joy on Joyce & Ed’s faces at the end of the ceremony, after so much planning had come to fruition.

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The day was captured on camera by – Adam Gibbard

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